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Local News

Pennsylvania Gas Prices Go Down

Gas Prices continue to look good for Pennsylvania, dropping by 11 cents, since last week. Compared to neighbors like New York, where the average price of gas is $3.53, and Massachusetts, where it’s $3.48, Pennsylvanians are paying more for gas at $3.70 on average in the region.

Off the Tracks: Six Train Cars Derail in Marysville

According to emergency dispatch, a Norfolk Southern train derailed at the Rockville Bridge in Marysville around 2 AM on December 2nd, causing traffic issues as well as power and internet outages in Marysville Borough.

Burning Bush and Other Plant Sales to be Banned in Pennsylvania

The Controlled Plant and Noxious Weed Committee of Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture voted to add burning bush to their list of banned plants, classifying the non-native species as a Class B noxious weed and prohibiting its sale across the state by early 2023.