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Local News

Cheapest Gas Prices in PA

People are still on the hunt for the best prices, leading to this handy-dandy guide for some of the cheapest gas stations in Pennsylvania. 

What Will Winter Look Like? Depends On Who You Ask

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a “shivery and snowy” winter for Pennsylvania and the East Coast, while the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) leans towards one that is warmer than normal.

Farmers’ Almanac Calls For Tough Winter

Despite record high temperatures this summer, the Farmers’ Almanac website wrote that there will be “quite a few significant winter weather disturbances nationwide”.

Northern Lights Dance in Pennsylvania Skies

Visible by August 18th and peaking on the following night, some lucky Pennsylvanians got the chance to see the breathtaking, sky-illuminating phenomenon known as Aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights.

Shapiro & Mastriano: Voting Rights vs “Voter Fraud”

In the Pennsylvania governor’s race, Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D) and State Senator Doug Mastriano (R) will be competing for votes, and both have severely contrasting views on how elections in the state should be run.