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Local News

Gas Prices Remain Low Across Northwest PA


For the last ten weeks, drivers across the U.S. have enjoyed a steady decline in fuel costs. This trend is primarily due to low levels of demand, which have limited pump prices despite fluctuating crude oil prices and OPEC+ production cuts. As of December 1, the national average for gas stands at $3.25 per gallon, which is 21 cents cheaper than last month.

Here in Pennsylvania, the price of gas per gallon has descended to $3.57, marking a 12-cent drop from last month and a 36-cent reduction over the past year.

Counties across the state’s northwest region have continued to experience low fuel costs, as well. In Erie, the average gallon is $3.56, reflecting a 21-cent decrease from last month and a 51-cent drop from last year. In Mercer, the price of gas has fallen to $3.64, indicating a 14-cent dip from last month and a 34-cent markdown over the past year.

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