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Erie County Department of Health provides COVID-19 Public Health Update

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According to a county press release,

Erie County Department of Health provides a public health update on COVID-19 in the county. The community is welcome to contact the Erie County Department of Health for guidance. For details on how to stay up to date on vaccines, isolation and quarantine, preventing spread of COVID-19 in business establishments and events, and other information, contact 814-451-6700 or fill out the online Community Form.

Cases and data In the past week, April 4 Monday to 10 Sunday

There were 107 cases reported, with a daily average of 15 cases.  

There were no deaths reported. The total death count remains at 796.  

The total unvaccinated death count remains at 654, which is 82% of the total deaths (796). Information on cases and deaths in Erie County and other data such as reports on vaccination demographics can be found at the Erie County Government website 
Latest recommendations and related data is also available at the websites of Pennsylvania Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).