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District X High School Football Playoffs Round Two Recap


As the high school football playoffs charge into round three, the gridiron becomes a battleground for dreams and determination. Teams across several District Ten left it all on the field during round two, showcasing grit and skill in pursuit of victory. The third round promises even more nail-biting moments and awe-inspiring plays as the stakes escalate. The thrilling matchups of round two set the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable journey, with eyes locked on the ultimate prize – state championship games in December. The pursuit of glory continues, and every touchdown brings these high school athletes one step closer to etching their names in the annals of football history. Scores from second round games, as well as round three playoff matchups can be found below. Rankings for playoff matchups represent state playoff seeding. 

PIAA – District 10 Round Two Playoff Scores

Class 1A

#2 Cambridge Springs 22, #3 Eisenhower 20

#1 Lakeview 35, #5 Mercer 6

Class 2A 

#1 Farrell 36, #4 Wilmington 7

#2 Mercyhurst Prep 49, #3 Sharpsville 0 

Class 3A 

#1 Sharon 39, #5 Oil City 16

#2 Hickory 38, #3 Grove City 7

Class 4A

#1 Meadville 45, #1 University Prep 13 

PIAA – District 10 Round Three Playoff Matchups

Class 1A

#1 Lakeview vs. #2 Cambridge Springs (Neutral Site)

Class 2A 

#1 Farrell vs. #2 Mercyhurst Prep (Neutral Site)

Class 3A 

#1 Sharon vs. #2 Hickory (Neutral Site)