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An Ecological Restoration Project Launched in PA’s Historic Forest Camp

Cumberland County

Staff Writer

The historic Camp Michaux in Cumberland County has long been the victim of invasive plants. What exacerbates the concerns of ecologists is the fact that the situation has worsened over the decades due to global warming. is home to 40 native tree and shrub species and more than 20 plant plugs species. Luckily, an ecological restoration project has been carried out recently with the goal of combating the challenges posed by invasive, non-native plants.

As the project is well underway, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Bureau of Forestry has been planting trees that are suitable to survive a warmer and wetter climate. The Bureau will continue to monitor the growth of the planted tree in order to examine which species outperform others in adapting to the changing climate. So far, they have managed to plant 40 native tree and shrub species and more than 9,000 plant plugs of more than 20 species.